Research Interest: 1) Econometrics (Distributional/Nonparametric Analysis and Causal Inference); 2) Labor and Demographic Economics, Health Economics; 3) Public Economics; 4) Growth Empirics




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Forthcoming Publications

     [1] The Gender Earnings Gap: Measurement and Analysis, (with Essie Maasoumi), accepted,

          Journal of Political Economy

     [2] What Can We Learn Abouth the Racial Gap in the Presence of Sample Selection? (with Essie Maasoumi),

          accepted, Journal of Econometrics

     [3] The Robust Relationship Between US Food Aid and Civil Confict (with Chi-Yang Chu and Daniel J. Henderson),

          accepted, Journal of Applied Econometrics

     [4] The Three Is of Public Schools: Irrelevant Inputs, Insufficient Resources, and Inefficiency (with Daniel J. Henderson 
          and Leopold Simar), forthcoming, Applied Economics


     [5] Knot Yet: Minimum Marriage Age Law, Marriage Delay, and Earnings, (with Chunbei Wang), accepted,

          Journal of Population Economics


     [6] Informal Search, Bad Search? (with Yuanyuan Chen and Min Zhang), accepted, Journal of Population Economics


     [7] The Distribution of Returns to Education for People with Disabilities (with Daniel J. Henderon,

         and Andrew Houtenville), accepted, Journal of Labor Research




Under Revision


    [1] Parallel Lives of Hard Hitting Criminals: Evidence from NCAA Football (with Carl Kitchens and Matthew Philip Makofske), revision requested



Work in Progress


     [2] Your American Dream is Not Mine! A New Approach to Estimating Intergenerational Mobility Elasticities (with Yonghong An and Ruli Xiao)


     [3] SNAP, Diet Quality, and Obesity: Some Answers to "Thorny Questions?" (with S. Chen)


     [4] The Politics of Environmental Enforcement (with Per G. Fredriksson),