Alabama Football! Roll Tide Roll


     [1] Things to do in Tuscaloosa on Game Days

     [2] Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

     [3] ESPN Alabama Roll Tide Commercial

     [4] I'm Gonna Put You In The Auburn Store!

     [5] Bama / Auburn rivalry commercial


    Research Tools


     [1] LaTeX Bibliography Styles Database

     [2] Chinese converted into unicode

     [3] Mendeley

     [4] KompoZer (Website WYSIWYG Editor) 

     [5] Twiddla (Team Whiteboard Meeting)

     [6] WriteLatex 

     [7] Doddle (Easy Scheduling)


    Cygwin & Unix


     [1] Mastering Wget

     [2] Intro to Cygwin: Part I

     [3] Intro to Cygwin: Part II

     [4] Intro to Cygwin: Part III

     [5] Creating Home SSH: Tutorial I

     [6] Creating Home SSH: Tutorial II



    Daily Reading


     [1] Ideas Market

     [2] Ask Emily

     [3] Fight Entropy

     [4] Narayana Kocherlakota

     [5] Christopher Cotton's Blog: Economics and Politics





     [1] How to read regression tables produced in Stata?

     [2] Introduction to Mata

     [3] Stanford Stata Camp

     [4] Mata in Stata for Econometrics (Kurt Schmidheiny of Unversitat Pompeu Fabra)

     [5] Stata Blog




     [1] The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e

     [2] The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List

     [3] Reference sheet for natbib usage

     [4] Pstrick User Guide

     [5] Inro to Pstrick

     [6] Installing New Packages

     [7] Three Part Table: To Add Good Footnotes in the Tables!

     [8] Crash Course in Latex

     [9] Where to Put New Files

     [10] Latex Tricks

     [11] Latex Beamer Themes

     [12] Crash course in Latex: Basics: Formatting

     [13] Getting to Grips with Latex - Tables


    GNU Plot


     [1] GNUPLOT 4.0 - A Brief Manual and Tutorial

     [2] Distribution Demo

     [3] GNU Plot Master Menu

     [4] How To Make Your Data Look Neat and Shiny

     [5] Gnuplot and Powerpoint (and other presentation software)


    Quantitative Economics (Macro and Econometrics) & Matlab


     [1] Codes for Quantitative Macroeconomics

     [2] Russell W. Cooper's Notes and related programs

     [3] Computational Econ Toolbox

     [4] Marc Nerlove's Collection of Matlab Tutorials

     [5] Matlab Programs for Dynamic Economics by Adda and Cooper

     [6] Codes for Dynamic General Equilibrium Modelling by Heer and Mau?er

     [7] Dick Startz Econometrics II


    Data Collection


     [1] Cornell Collection

     [2] Justin Wolfers's Research Data

     [3] Political Data

     [4] Havard Data




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